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Dig into trends in social entrepreneurship and identify some barriers to scaling and explore potential solutions

Better understand what legal IP protection is suitable for your innovation

Learn about successful business models that enable innovative solutions to reach the customers with affordable technologies

Scaling Social Businesses at the Base of the Pyramid – 25 Years o...

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FEATURED PRESENTERS : Gregoire Castella, Joel Jeanloz, Jerome Voillat

Identifying and understanding the challenges of scaling up social businesses is key for technology-for-development entrepreneurs. At every stage, t... Read More

Using the Lean Business Model for Social Innovation

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Start-ups can be described as a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Join Paul Belknap from Vill... Read More

Using Crowdfunding to Raise Capital

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Crowdfunding is no easy task. And the crowdfunding industry is constantly evolving. It’s no longer just about funding or the crowd. It’s become... Read More

Intellectual Property: What Hardware Innovators Need to Know

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Intellectual Property: What Hardware Innovators Need to Know  Intellectual property (IP) is defined as the creations of the mind, including inv... Read More

Emerging Trends in the World of Social Entrepreneurship

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Social entrepreneurship fuses together the world of business acumen and the world of solving social problems. Mission-oriented organizations set ... Read More

Impact Inventing: Strengthening the Ecosystem for Invention-Based E...

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FEATURED PRESENTERS : Alex Pan, Mike Hahn, Paul Scott

Over the past decade, a growing segment of social entrepreneurs and small and growing businesses(SGBs) has emerged that seeks to utilize the power ... Read More

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