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Rob Goodier

Research Brief: Large-Scale Stove and Water Filter Delivery Is Linked to Improved Children’s Health

June 4, 2019

A new large-scale trial of clean-burning rocket stoves and water filters in the poorest households in Western Province, Rwanda,...

Rob Goodier

A Closer Look at the Drinkable Book

December 29, 2015

Part of the struggle to treat drinking water in marginalized communities is convincing people that they need to do...

Rob Goodier

An Ancient Filtration Material Removes Pesticides from Drinking Water

December 13, 2012

Charcoal has been a part of water treatment for at least 4000 years, but can it remove modern synthetic...

Rob Goodier

Packed particle bed filters: A simple solution for pure water

October 23, 2012

Reid Harvey may have hit on the simplest method yet for manufacturing effective ceramic water filters, the packed particle...

Rob Goodier

How to successfully distribute water filters

May 15, 2012

Distribution can be the highest hurdle in technology development in areas where resources are scarce. Convincing people to buy...

Rob Goodier

Bone char filters block arsenic at the faucet

June 9, 2011

In our ongoing coverage of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s P3 grants, we’ve brought you selected stories from the...


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