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Rob Goodier

Inspiration for the Future of Engineering for Good: Highlights from Impact.Engineered 2021

December 21, 2021

Early comers to the virtual Impact.Engineered on December 2nd, 2021, witnessed a rarity in our lines of work, the...

Marilynn Holguin Clover

Seminar Series: Teaching Humanitarian Engineering, An Australian perspective

November 18, 2020

Humanitarian Engineering is a rapidly growing field of research, practice, and education in Australia. Ten Australian universities have launched...

Marilynn Holguin Clover

Seminar Series: Introduction to UBORA, a New Platform for the Co-Design of Open Source Medical Devices

October 23, 2020

Open source design can increase access to medical technologies. When device blueprints have open access, they can potentially reduce...

Marilynn Holguin Clover

Seminar Series: From Desalination to Kidney Disease, Engineering Design in Resource-Constrained Contexts

October 1, 2020

Most drinking water treatment projects in resource-constrained contexts focus on microbial contamination. That makes sense, due to its large...

Marilynn Holguin Clover

Seminar Series: A New Approach to Equitable Building Design and Construction

August 27, 2020

Low-income households disproportionately bear the impacts of unhealthy buildings. Unhealthy in that they are vulnerable to disaster and use...

Marilynn Holguin Clover

Seminar Series: New Approaches to Monitoring Complex Agricultural Market Systems

July 29, 2020

Meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will require adapting complex global and local human systems. International development...

Jana Melpolder

Seminar Series: Climate Change, Conflict, and Engineering for Peace

February 26, 2020

Loss, conflict, and reduced wellbeing are common in regions of the world stressed by climate change and increasing competition...


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