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The Design, Testing and Implementation of a Lifesaving Product

April 20, 2016

About this webinar: According to the WHO, 29% of all deaths in children between the ages of 1-5 are...

Rob Goodier

100 Under $100 catalogues technologies that improve women’s lives in developing countries

May 24, 2015

If there were doubts that technology can mediate social change, 100 Under $100 | One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global...

Randy Schwemmin

Smartphones, Healthcare & Development

March 17, 2015

Sure, the smartphone is rapidly changing health care in the developed world. We can do so much from the...

Rob Goodier

The Big Design Questions | Should technology for global development always be the cheapest solution?

May 13, 2014

Welcome to The Big Design Questions, a weekly series that tests and challenges the design principles for creating appropriate technology outlined in...

Rob Goodier

Ten Tips to Cut Costs & Design Affordably

March 10, 2014

Three and half billion people in developing countries make for a vast and mostly ignored market, say Paul Polak...

Rob Goodier

Ten tips to cut costs and design for extreme affordability

Three and half billion people in developing countries make for a vast and mostly ignored market, say Paul Polak...

Jed Farlow

Cobbled together: How Indians solve problems with the technologies at hand

May 27, 2013

In India, jugaad is an electrical cord, split and stripped at the end, each wire pushed directly into one...

Steele Lorenz

Channel your way to sustainable success

April 16, 2013

One of the biggest challenges in delivering technology to “Bottom of the Pyramid” consumers is the lack of distribution...

Rob Goodier

Sisal Twine Manufacturing Machines

January 4, 2013

One broad, pointed leaf plucked from the sisal plant can earn a Kenyan farmer 5 shillings, or about $0.05...

Jason Kass

High Tech-toilets? What we need is a low-tech toilet revolution

November 18, 2012

If technologies were listed in order of sexiness, poop management might rank near the bottom. But thanks to the...


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