Rotary Drum Composting


The rotary drum composter uses large amounts of ventilation to reduce composting time to 2–3 weeks.

Product description Brand name and product description
The Rotary Drum Composter reduces composting time to 2–3 weeks. Consistent rotation of the compost and the side air vents allow the organic waste to remain in contact with oxygen, while the drum retains heat. The system is frequently used for organic food waste and yard trimmings.
Target region(s) Target region for distribution/implementation (listed by country if specified)
Distributors/implementing organizations Organization(s) distributing/deploying this product directly to communities/individuals?"

This product is available at retailers in India and in the USA.

Market suggested retail price Price per unit or service price per usage/terms (USD). Subsidies noted.

The product ranges from ~77 USD to 300 USD.

Competitive landscape Similar products available on the market. May not be a comprehensive listing.

NADEP composting, vermicomposting, and other organic composting methods.

SDG targeted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted with this product/application/service

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

Target user(s) Target user/consumer base (country, income segment)
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