Mobile Technology For Teachers (MT4T)

Seameo Innotech

Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T) is a teacher resource kit using mobile technology that equips teachers for personal and professional growth.

Product description Brand name and product description

Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T) is a teacher resource kit that promotes the use of mobile technology in Southeast Asian educational settings.

The kit provides a basic guide in using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets and their accompanying applications, as tools for teaching and learning in the classroom and for teachers’ personal and professional development. It also includes an introduction to the three most widely used mobile technology platforms—iOS, Android, and Windows—and how they may be used in conjunction with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote student learning and professional collaboration among teachers.

The kit also contains a special focus on how mobile devices can be used to promote the development of higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) in both students and teachers.

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Southeast Asia

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Competitive landscape Similar products available on the market. May not be a comprehensive listing.

Competitors include HubSpot, Chilli and EducatorsTechnology.

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Goal 4: Quality education

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Teachers and educators

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