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November 28, 2016

Case study: How an offline CRM helps a biogas business expand in Latin America

contributor: Rob Goodier

Sistema Biobolsa began its operations developing and selling biogas systems in Latin America using organizational tools like spreadsheet software and note taking. But now the business has sold 3200 of its unique, low-cost technology and its operations are spread throughout Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. As its size increased, the company’s piecemeal tools became clunky. The social enterprise needed to gather data and it also needed tools for customer relationship management.

So, Sistema Biobolsa turned to TaroWorks for digital support. TaroWorks provides data collection and management tools and targets global development enterprises. A key feature of their suite is that it works offline, which is necessary on many farms in Latin America and around the world.

“TaroWorks has improved efficiency in the field, improved data quality and data flow through the organization,” Esther Altorfer, Finance Director at Sistema Biobolsa, told E4C.

Altorfer gave an in-depth account of her company’s experience with TaroWorks in a recent presentation at the Offline Mobile CRM Webinar (hosted by TaroWorks). See the recorded webinar at or at the top of this page.

Sistema Biobolsa’s modular biogas systems

Sistema Biobolsa builds and sells prefabricated biogas systems. The systems are modular, composed of a tubular, flexible bag that captures the gas released during decomposition. These systems are installed in backyard farms, commercial operations and community centers. Farmers and other users place plant and animal waste from their fields into the system. As the material decomposes, microbes release methane gas. The system captures the gas for use in cooking and heating. Biogas can be used in place of firewood and LPG, and the solid waste left over can be used as fertilizer. The system can reduce deforestation and provide a new resource to farmers.

We entered Sistema Biobolsa into our Solutions Library. With our standardized information system, you can compare the product side by side to other similar technologies.

Beyond data collection

TaroWorks is based on and comes in handy especially to global development enterprises with its offline functionality. The company began as a project with the Grameen Foundation, helping Grameen to manage agricultural extension workers for social enterprises in rural areas. Since then, TaroWorks has developed its field data management tools to benefit organizations around the world.

The company has worked with at least 90 social enterprises and non-profits in 30 countries since its launch in 2013.

TaroWorks is one of many such tools available to social enterprises and organizations working in global development. Find an overview in our Mobile Data Collection Series.

TaroWorks distinguishes itself with additional functionality.

“We consider TaroWorks to go beyond data collection – so it’s closer to an offline mobile CRM tool. It’s for mobile users who need access to critical data while they’re offline,” says Elaine Chang, Senior Manager of Global Market Development at TaroWorks.

Learn more with the recorded webinar above.

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Rob Goodier

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