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August 10, 2023

Amish Parashar’s Five Tips for Social Entrepreneurs

contributor: Rob Goodier

Amish Parashar offers five tips to engineers and entrepreneurs in the humanitarian space trying to break into a market with new technology. The chief executive officer of Explorers’ Lab shared his advice in a keynote at this year’s third and final awards event for ASME ISHOW—the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Innovation Showcase.

Mr. Parashar is himself a former ISHOW judge, and his talk exemplifies an area where ISHOW shines. ISHOW brings together the world’s bright minds to lend their help to social entrepreneurs, matching the right experts with promising social ventures in need of support. ISHOW is the global accelerator for products and entrepreneurs that zeroes in on making new “hardware” or tangible technologies, marketable. Their focus is on innovation that meets essential needs, particularly in the world’s underserved communities. This year’s round of three ISHOW events started in India, jumped to Kenya and ended in the USA where Mr. Parashar gave this helpful advice.

In a talk that explored the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the construction of a more equitable and future, Mr. Parashar offered five tips to social entrepreneurs.

New tools available now can empower social entrepreneurs

Geography is no longer a restraint

Startups measure their time by milestones

The words people use may be different, but engineers and scientists should know they’re talking about relative risk

View the impact of an innovation as a physics formula

In closing, Mr. Parashar offered his personal attention to social entrepreneurs, asking them to contact him with their questions. Interested? Use Explorers’ Lab email and mention E4C and ASME ISHOW:

Bonus: Amish Parashar’s TEDxWanChai Talk: Making Waves – Creating a Global Culture of Innovation

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Rob Goodier

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