Seeking Partners in the Construction of a School in the Maasai Village of Nainokanoka, Tanzania

We, the PRECI 2019 team (Student Grouping Program for International Cooperation), are looking for a partner or sponsor to help finance the construction of a school in the Maasai village of Nainokanoka in Tanzania. The school will have approximately five classrooms, one administrative room, and we are looking at the possibility of installing solar panels.

Our team is composed of six engineering students from the École de technologie supérieure located in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Every year, a different team is selected to participate in an international cooperation project. Ours begins in the fall of this year, 2019.

The cost of the project (materials, labour, transport, etc.) is raised by us over the course of 10 months. We are also in charge of managing our budget as well as the construction site with the help of local partners. This project will cost an estimated (CAD) $90,000.

The PRECI is a student organisation, supervised by the ETS and financed by numerous partners. For 26 years, the PRECI has been carrying out four-month construction projects in isolated areas every year all around the globe. The funds we collect are estimated between (CAD) $70,000 and $90,000 and we are financially independent when doing the projects. You will find more information on our website. The PRECI 2018 team finished their health post project in Rwanda. You can see details about their work here.

For the past 26 years, the different teams of PRECI have visited 20 different countries and have accomplished 25 projects. This year, the team has expertise in mechanical, civil, renewable energy and information technologies.

Here are some projects the PRECI has accomplished:

In 2016, a team built a school in Nepal in the Solukhumbu region in the village of Leblu to help with the access of education after the earthquake of 2015.


In 2017, our team built a health center of 15 rooms (240 m2) in the village of Ambatofotsy in Madagascar for the 4 000 inhabitants of the village.


Our 2018 team just came back from Rwanda where they built an health post in the village of Kunturo to provide health care for the 10 200 inhabitants.


More information can be found on our website: The website is in French, but I am currently working to translate most of its content.

Lucas Bienvenue
Director of Communications
PRÉCI 2019

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