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Technology is essential to good health worldwide. Product designers are revealing its potential with devices such as paper-based rapid disease diagnostics, accurate male circumcision tools that can reduce the rate of HIV infection, and suites of telemedicine tools that put doctors on screens right in a patient’s home. Medical devices are the link between good design and good health.

Interest: Health

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Kimani Chege

A Kenyan Startup’s Ventilator May Bridge Local Demand

July 16, 2021

While growing up in Kenya, Wambui Nyabero, the innovator behind an advanced medical ventilator design called AfriVent, had few...

Rob Goodier

How to Make a Low-Cost Air Purifier to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission Indoors

May 28, 2021

A box fan, air filters and the box in which they come are the raw materials for a simple...

Mechanical Engineering Magazine

Frugal Engineering Goes Beyond Cost

May 27, 2021

Engineers are certainly not new to developing low-cost equipment for use in places where electricity is as rare as...

Rob Goodier

Ten Innovations in Vaccine Delivery Technology in Low-Resource Settings

May 21, 2021

Some of the world’s impoverished countries and overlooked, underserved communities are losing the race to vaccinate against the novel...

Kathy Ku

How We Are Engineering a Sustainable Business in Bamboo Toothbrushes

April 20, 2021

The bamboo fronds above a Vietnamese farming community sparked the idea for a business and a brand of oral...

Gustavo Valbuena

Contact Tracing Apps Can Work, If They Surmount Their Trust Problem

January 22, 2021

An emerging complementary measure to fight the coronavirus and flatten the new infection curve is the implementation of contact...

The Conversation

Where the Cold Chain Doesn’t Go

January 5, 2021

The cold supply chain can’t reach everywhere. That’s a big problem for equitable COVID-19 vaccination. To mitigate health inequities...

Marie Floryan

Are 3D-Printed Prostheses the Solution for Limb Loss in Low-Income Countries?

October 23, 2020

Maybe, but gaps remain. 3D printing is disrupting industries around the world largely because of the availability of low-cost...

Rob Goodier

Help Define Best Practices in Biomedical Engineering: Answer This Questionnaire

October 6, 2020

Members and readers of Engineering for Change are invited to take part in defining the best practices in biomedical...

Chantal Iribagiza

Research Brief: An Air Quality Feedback System May Promote Clean Cooking

October 1, 2020

An electronic device might be able to change people’s behavior and prompt household cooks to use clean cookstoves rather...


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