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Wijeyesekera Buddila

The Future of Rural Energy Is Hybrid Renewable Systems

September 1, 2021

An uptick in research into hybrid renewable energy systems has demonstrated their benefits. These systems combine one or more...

Larry Bentley

The World’s Most Expensive Consumer Electricity

August 20, 2021

This is the waste left over after using the world’s most expensive electricity. See if you recognize it. You...

DEMAND: ASME Global Development Review

Reinventing the Steam Engine

Carl Bielenberg found inspiration in the technological innovations of the Industrial Revolution to alleviate global energy poverty. One look...

Kimani Chege

Bioethanol for Refugees: A Startup’s Plan for Weeding Lake Victoria

July 8, 2021

Looking out from the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria, a green carpet of water hyacinth floats with the tides....

Rob Goodier

Sachs: Foot-Dragging, Not Know-How, Blocks Clean Energy

June 17, 2021

The transition to clean energy is held up by the fossil fuel sector, not by any technical mystery, Dr....

Rob Goodier

Five Questions with Rachita Misra at SELCO Foundation

Rachita Misra began working with the SELCO Foundation in Bangalore, Karnataka (India) five years before the coronavirus pandemic. Trained...

Danna Xue

Microgrids Have a Role in the Global Energy Transition, If They Can Lower Costs

December 22, 2020

I was skeptical when I first heard about the potential of microgrids to solve challenges in global energy access....

Chris Skilton

From GravityLight to NowLight: A Startup Pivots as Technology Improves

August 13, 2020

Editor’s note: From GravityLight to NowLight, a startup has overhauled its Internet-famous gravity-powered light. The result is a pivot...

F. Andrew Dowdy

Seven Off-Grid Refrigeration Prototypes: Finalists from EWB-USA’s Chill Challenge

June 23, 2020

Draft animals and wood fires count among the power sources for new, extremely low-cost technology proposed in a worldwide...

Rob Goodier

The Himalayan Rocket Stove: Now Viral on YouTube

May 7, 2020

The demo video for an improved rocket stove optimized for use in the heights of the Himalayas has racked...


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